"I Had Sunny-Side Up, I Had Sunny-Side Down…"


Squirrel was there. As was Dan O’Callahan and Kendo. Even Rudi made an appearance, filming himself every time his disagreeable Austrian character appeared on screen during the tribute show-ing (at which point the audience, naturally, booed loudly.)

The stars of one of the most notorious ski-and-skin flicks of all time were on hand at the resort in mid January to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the filming of Hot Dog…The Movie, which was shot entirely at Squaw Valley over 52 days during the winter of 1983. (When it was released in January of ’84, Hot Dog climbed to number two at the box office, trailing only Terms of Endearment.)

Events included the “Sylvia and Harkin Speedsuit and Stretch Pants Competition” as well as the “Undie 500,” which had competitors wearing nothing but skivvies as they raced through Squaw’s base village. Unfortunately for the guys in attendance, Shannon Tweed (Sylvia) didn’t participate.