If the Bus is a Rockin'...


Push a button and a hidden liquor cabinet rises out of the marble countertop. Push another and a keyboard folds out of the wall. Push a few more and the music comes up, the lights go down, and if you've planned it right, out come the strippers.

Welcome on board the Empress Motor Coach, a.k.a. the Love Bus, a Banff-based ski shuttle that makes your average limo look like a parking lot squat van. The sleek 40-footer carries 16 guests comfortably in its hand-built cabin (complete with plush sofas, full kitchen, private conference room, and a honkin' stereo system) -- all for around $200 an hour.

The ultimate party bus? Perhaps. Though the Empress has been used often enough to ferry well-heeled retirees on perfectly innocuous daytime trips, it's capable of going farther (Whistler? Whitefish? You got it.) and a lot harder: Manager-driver Ray Horyn recalls at least one busload of Brits whooping it up to the gyrations of an on-board exotic dancer. Ready to tear the roof off? Call Horyn at 403-762-1992.