"I'm Going to Telluride!"

Contest Winner Toilet

A thousand entries and two dozen cocktails later, we came to a decision on the winner of our "Caption This!" contest (September 1999). Picking the funniest caption was no easy task. The prize package -- three days of lift-served skiing at Telluride, three days of heli-skiing with Telluride Heli-Trax, and plush accommodations at the Skyline Guest Ranch -- inspired unprecedented levels of reader creativity. But after reading the 300th version of "skiing during a big dump," it became clear to us that a lot of you are watching way too much Beavis and Butt-Head. What our winner, and a handful of others, had was cleverness and originality. So, without further ado...Susan Liggett, come on down!

The Winner:

Somebody needs to tell this guy what "prepare to unload" really means. -- Susan Liggett, Brecksville, Ohio


Single? -- Rome Chelsi, Evergreen, Colorado

The summit lodge chili-eating contest ends in an unexpected photo finish. -- Stuart Bohrer, Great Neck, New York

Yeah, and they said snowboarding wouldn't catch on. -- Mark Branch, Evergreen, Colorado

And in the funny-but-we-wouldn't-want-to-share-a-gondola-with-you department:

As soon as Johnny pried the plunger from his face, he realized that crazy Günther was right about the evils of masturbation. -- Matt Peskay, New York, New York