Indian Community to Buy Mount Frontenac, MN


Apple Valley, MN Mar. 30--The owners of MountFrontenac, in southeastern Minnesota, have announced the impending sale ofthe ski area to the Prairie Island Indian Community. Frontenac owner MarkNichols said today that he and his wife, Cathy, are selling the ski areaand its adjacent golf course to the Indian nation so the couple canconcentrate on their hotel business. They own and operate three hotels andmaintain interest in several others in the Minneapolis area.

"The ski area is a good fit for the community," said Nichols, referring tothe sovereign Indian tribe that operates the Treasure Island Resort andCasino 14 miles from the ski area. "The trend is to offer more amenities togambling patrons and the casino owners have good experience inhospitality."

Nichols noted that the ski area, which is about an hour southof Minneapolis, could conceivably be doubled in size as it sits entirely onprivate land and would remain a taxable property, according to the purchaseagreement. It's expected the deal should be final by April 15.