Indianhead Set to Open


Wakefield, MI, Nov. 21, 2000--Good news for Midwest skiers. After an uncertain summer, Indianhead Mountain Resort announced it will open for skiing on Nov. 22.

"Contrary to some current rumors and misconceptions about Indianhead Mountain, we are ready for snowmaking and skiing, and we will open as usual on Thanksgiving weekend," said Brett Stangeland, General Manager and new owner. "We anticipate substantial occupancy levels in the lodge for the opening weekend and are looking forward to the area's first event of the season, 'Demo Days,' which will take place Dec. 9-10."

"Traditionally Indianhead Mountain has been the area to open first with the largest number or runs available for skiing. We certainly want to let all the area skiers know we will honor their season passes no matter which of the Big Snow Country ski areas have issued them."

Stangeland also noted that people may be confused about the area's bankruptcy filing last May 13.

"We were able to bring Indianhead out of bankruptcy in early October and have spent the last month working on obtaining an environmental study, lift and health inspections, and a liquor license for the lodge's food and beverage operations."

Changes and alterations this winter include several significantly improved mechanical systems in addition to fresh paint, new carpets, and more functional facilities. Visitors and guests will also find improved food and beverage services and substantially more user-friendly hospitality services.

"We believe Indianhead Mountain Resort has the potential to be a world class four-season resort offering expanded golfing, stream fishing, horseback riding as well as also being a first-rate business meeting and conference center. We are very well suited to become a substantive twelve-month business and recreational attraction in Michigan's historic Upper Peninsula."