Is there any chance of a sequel to Hot Dog…The Movie?

Ask Dr. Flake

What’s with that title, anyway? Did the producers assume that viewers would be too baked to figure out that Hot Dog… The Movie was, in fact, a motion picture? Title confusion alone could kill all chances for a sequel. Here’s another reason: The actors in HD…TM portrayed Tahoe ski bums in their 20s, but they were already in their 30s when the movie was released in the 1983—84 ski season. Imagine how leathery they are now. Yet another reason? Hot Dog couldn’t even crack the Top 50 box-office charts in 1984, and its lifetime gross was a mere $20 million. Sequels, in case you didn’t know, are made as a result of their predecessors’ popularity—not just the demands of skiers looking for a $9 boob shot. Take Hot Shots! , for example, which received three stars from Leonard Maltin (Hot Dog got one and a half)—a review that no doubt paved the way for Hot Shots! Part Deux. So, for a newer, fresher Hot Dog…The Movie, your best bet is to buy the old one on DVD, which is currently the 5,948th most popular on amazon.com.