It's in the Cards


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Freeskier Seth Morrison is known more for his Technicolor hair and big hucks than for his fitness routines. But we’re anticipating a workout video and cable show on this one: Seth’s secret trick to killer abs is a deck of cards. He shuffles the cards, then flips them over one at a time, doing both sit-ups and push-ups according to the card’s number. Mere mortals may just want to do sit-ups for red cards, push-ups for black. Like in blackjack, face cards count as 10, but in Seth’s gym, aces are wild. He’s done the workout every day for a year, including while he’s on the road. (The cards pack easier than a StairMaster.)

Let’s see, 52 cards with four twos, four threes…that’s roughly 350 reps of each exercise. “When you get a run of kings and queens and 10’s, it’s no fun,” says Morrison.