Jay Peak, Vermont: Rank 16 East, 1997


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Jay is perhaps New England’s most intriguing resort. It gets big dumps and attracts a bilingual crowd because it’s just 90 miles from Montreal. For most Americans it’s way up there, which means you probably need a full week to visit. As one reader said: “The best thing about Jay is where it is; the worst thing about Jay is where it is.”

Fortunately, the mountain doesn’t disappoint. With a 2,153-foot vertical, the views from its peak are stunning, and the skiing challenging. While Jay’s reputation as a tough hill is well-earned, better grooming and more intermediate trails have given it a softer side. Beware, though: This far north, when it gets cold, it gets really cold. That’s when you appreciate the body-heat generated in the 60-passenger tram.

There’s not much nightlife in the immediate vicinity, but if you want to experience world-class joie de vivre, Montreal is only 90 minutes away.

What’s New A 15-acre glade next to the Bonaventure quad.
Medals Gold Snow Quality, Expert Terrain, Value
High/Low Rank Value (19); Accessibility (77)
Don’t Miss Skiing the Everglade, the longest glade in the East at 1 1/4 miles.
Reader Remarks “Best place for powder in the East. More people ski the woods than open trails.” “How about a gondola to replace the low capacity tram?”