Julia Mancuso Takes Second in Super G

Mission Ridge gets its name from a B-24 Bomber that crashed there on a training mission in 1944. Parts of the plane are strewn about the mountain. The wing shown here was removed and mounted in the base lodge. After a few poor snow years, the wing was returned to the crash site in the fall of 1993. Within an hour of the move it began to snow. And so it stays. 

Jackson Hole, WY Mar. 26--Soft spoken Julia Mancuso of Squaw Valley, CA made her first podium appearance of the 2000 US Alpine Championships today, placing second in the Super G behind Kirsten Clark.

"It was really warm and the snow was softening up very fast," explained Mancuso. "I knew I had to just go for it to place well."

Only 16 years old, Mancuso was the overall winner of the Nor Am circuit this season.

Yesterday, she lived up to her reputation of being one of the fastest junior skiers in the land as she was honored as the female Sprint Ski Racing Junior Ski Racer of the year.