Julian Carr: Special Flying Power

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Julian Carr

When Julian Carr showed up in the Alta parking lot the morning of December 4, 2004, he was planning on a nice hike out to Wolverine Cirque to drop a measley 90-footer. But when filmmaker Jon Klaczkiewicz pulled up in a black Suburban with 100-pound packs of high-def camera equipment, and Carr took notice of the near-perfect conditions, he changed his mind. By noon, Carr had landed a 165-foot jump in the Cirque-a leap made legendary by fellow flier Jamie Pierre-and a place in JK's

The Waiting Game

. By the end of the season, he'd nailed back flips and front flips off crags the size of New York apartment buildings, earned himself the box cover of Team 13's Echo, and become hucking's Next Big Thing. This year, he plans to do a double front flip off a 165-foot cliff


break the 200-foot mark. He's even garnered a spot on the wall in the Snowbird tram shack-a doctored photo of him and Pierre, dressed as nuns and holding hands. Best of all, the mustachioed Carr doesn't carry a lot of attitude: "I don't want to be a cocky, dickhead, rock-star skier who bangs his chest and thinks he's a badass," he says. "It's simple. I just love cliffs."

HEIGHT: 5'11'
WEIGHT: 170 lb.
DOB: 11/9/78
HOME MOUNTAIN: Snowbird, UtahSECOND OPINION: "Julian is hungry right now. Not only that, he's confident. He knows he's going to nail it, whether it's a 160-footer or a huge front flip. -Jon Klaczkiewicz, filmmaker