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Kangchenjunga Ski Expedition Update 1

Fredrick Ericsson starts the journey to the Himilayas, stopping in Kathmandu

Fredrick Ericsson is planning on climbing and skiing Kangchenjunga this year. Follow along as he makes it to base camp, ascends the mountain, and meets interesting people.

The Adventure has begun. Jörgen and I are now on the trek towards Kangchenjunga base camp. Four days have passed and four days to go to reach camp.

It’s just over a week since we arrived in Nepal. We spent three days in Kathmandu sorting out climbing permit at the ministry of tourism, meetings with journalists and a chat with Elisabeth Hawley, the master of Himalayan climbing statistics. We also bought some gear and food that we will need on the expedition.

Kathmandu is a big and lively city with millions of people. There is a massive amount of cars and motorcycles and the traffic is the most chaotic I’ve ever experienced. It’s interesting to visit Kathmandu but it’s a bit too stressful for a guy like me that is used to the peace and quiet life of northern Sweden.

We continued with a one hour flight to Bhadrapur and a jeep ride via Ilam to Gopetar. After getting delayed one day due to a missing bag on the flight to Bhadrapurwe left Gopetar last Friday and started the trek towards Kanghenjunga, We are now halfway on the eight days trek and it’s not the regular trek that we are used to. We’ve been walking up and down the hills, going through rice- and cornfields, crossing rives on wooden suspension bridges and through the jungle.

Jörgen and I have agreed that we are not made for the jungle.

It’s warm and moist, the rocks are slippery and leeches are attacking us from all directions.

During the trek we have met a lot of nice people that have been telling us stories about life in Nepal and we have been trying to describe to them what life is like in Europe.

We are now looking forward to leave the jungle and move up to higher altitude and hopefully we will reach base camp in a few days. More news when we arrive.

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