Keystone starts new “Play It Safe” Program


KEYSTONE, Colo. — Jan. 18, 2008 — To help promote National Safety Awareness Week, Keystone launched the new “Play it Safe Program”. The “Play it Safe Program” is a season-long safety education effort that helps skiers and riders learn how they can be safer on the slopes.

Expert ski patrollers and Keystone Mountain Watch staff the “Play it Safe” tent at the top of the River Run Gondola. The “Play it Safe” staff can answer mountain safety questions from Resort guests and will be handing out a variety of goodies including sunscreen, lip balm, granola bars, lozenges, coloring books, and stickers to promote safety awareness and wellness in the high-altitude environment of Keystone.

“‘The Play it Safe Program’ is a proactive effort to enhance the experience of our guests,” said Assistant Patrol Director Craig Simson. “We want to give skiers and riders the information and resources they need to have the safest possible experience at Keystone Resort.

Keystone has also implemented additional proactive safety programs to help promote personal safety for skiers and riders at Keystone Resort including:
Marked “School Zones on beginner terrain to remind intermediate and advanced skiers to slow down and respect beginner skiers. Alternative routes for advanced skiers and riders to avoid beginner ski areas. Mountain Watch patrol members who educate and enforce “Your Responsibility Code and Colorado Skier Safety Act and also provide guest service.
Safety classes for skiers and riders who violate mountain rules and/or would like to learn more about mountain safety. The classes educate guests and help them understand the “Your Responsibility Code and Colorado Skier Safety Act. Since the inception of the safety classes last year, more than 600 people have participated in the class with minimal recidivism.
Signage under chairlifts throughout Keystone Resort with safety messages and educational tips.

Personal responsibility, education and awareness are critical for skier safety. However, enforcement is sometimes necessary. The safety of skiers and riders is a top priority at Keystone. Keystone ski patrol avidly enforces the “Your Responsibility Code and Colorado Skier Safety Act and has revoked the privileges of 180 reckless guests in the 2007-2008 season.

For more information about safety at Keystone Resort please visit keystone.snow.com