Killington Pushes to Open Monday


Killington, VT Oct. 21--New Englanders will have to wait a little longer to start skiing. A warm streak hit the Northeast this past week, preventing Killington from making enough snow to open.

The first resort to open in the East for the past 38 years, Killington was shooting to open this Friday, Oct. 22. Resort officials now say they are aiming for early next week.

"It looks like temperatures will be dropping again on Saturday night, giving us a long sustained snowmaking period," reported Amy Phalon of Killington. "That means, we could possibly open Sunday afternoon or most likely Monday morning."

Killington fired up their arsenal of snowguns last Monday Oct. 18, in attempt to whiten the slopes. However, warm temperatures forced them to shut down guns late Tuesday night. To add salt to the wound, it rained Wednesday, wiping out much of their man-made snow.

Undaunted, the mountain crew is watching the weather and reworking their strategy. The latest forecast for the Killington area calls for freezing temperatures over the weekend.

For the past 38 seasons, Killington has been the first eastern resort to open. And despite sunshine and brief delays, this year should not be any different.