Kirkwood Shareholders Move in on Purgatory

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Durango, CO, Oct.25--Purgatory Ski Resort is about to undergo some ownership changes. The principal shareholders of Kirkwood Ski Area in California are in the midst of signing a deal to become the principal shareholders of Purgatory Ski Resort. It is not a done deal yet, but sources at Purgatory expect that the paperwork will be signed sometime this week.

"The purchase is almost finished, the contract just hasn't been signed yet," said Ken Hulick of Purgatory. "The lawyers are going over all the paperwork and legalese, so there's no telling when they will be finished. Our hopes and expectations are that it will be done any day now."

Purgatory is privately owned by the Durango Ski Corporation. The terms of the transaction are undisclosed and the future of both resorts is uncertain at this time. However, speculation is that the new owners will make some changes.

"As soon as the new shareholders come in, I imagine they will announce some structure changes and any future improvement plans for Purgatory," Hulick added.

SkiNet is following the developments of the purchase, so keep checking back for more details.