Ladies Rock the DEW Tour

Sarah Burke dominated the superpipe the first day of competition in Breckenridge on Friday.

Breckenridge, CO, December 19, 2008

The DEW Tour got off to a huge start in Breckenridge Friday as Women’s Ski Superpipe and Men’s snowboarding competition dominated the mountain.

Top Honors in the ski division went to Sarah Burke as she landed back-to-back spinning 540s, scoring a 95.0 on her first run, over 10 points higher than Jen Hudak in second place.

Only five female competitors worked the pipe in the exhibition as the boys went through the slopestyle course up the hill. Hudak, and other women, were hoping for more exposure from the event.

“The price money is nice,” Park City native, Jen Hudak said.

“But we (women skiers) are at a stage in the sport where in order for it to continue to grow, is to get more participation and the only way to get more participation is to get more publicity. I would rather have the Dew Tour give us air time, then prize money if they have to chose.”

Huge athletes were out for the event with superstars Tanner Hall, Simon Dumont, and Jossi Wells prepping for their big runs on Saturday.

“Prelims went alright…I qualified in the fourth spot,” Tanner Hall said. “I did what I had to do. The pipe is in great condition. Hopefully we’ll get good conditions tomorrow night and then, its go time.”

The DEW Tour is more of an exhibition than a competition, and is organized as such. Competitors still enjoy a prize purse based on their scores, but with three stops on the tour, money isn’t what is driving the athletes to do their best. A preview of the larger events like the X Games is.

“X Games is still the big event for everyone, but with the Dew Tour so early this year, a lot of people are waiting to see how everyone does,” Jess Cumming said.

Saturday’s line up includes Women’s Slopestyle, Men’s Slopestyle, a Rail Jam, and Men’s Superpipe. Stay tuned to


for the latest news from the competition scene.