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Lake Cushing Classic at Squaw April 27

A competitor from last year makes it across with style.

Squaw Valley USA

- North America's original pond crossing, the Lake Cushing Classic, returns to Squaw Valley USA for the 18th consecutive season. This entertaining snow and water competition prompts local lunatics and adventurous guests to cross the misleadingly large Lake Cushing on some form of ski or snowboard equipment. The contest is notorious for its colossal crashes, hilarious costumes, and ultra-creative pond skimming contraptions. This spring the Lake Cushing Classic comes to the frigid waters of Lake Cushing on Sunday April 27, 2008.

Squaw Valley was the first to host this type of pond skimming event and year after year it continues to grow in popularity. Many ski resorts have their go at pond skimming events, but none do it quite like Squaw Valley. Perhaps it is because the men and women at Squaw are a little more daring, a little more agile, and a little bit better on sticks. Or maybe, it's because the Cushing Classic is held on a real pond, rather than a tarp-lined ditch or kiddie pool. Whatever the reason, the Cushing Classic blows other pond skimming events out of the water.

Prizes are awarded in five divisions – men's and women's ski and snowboard divisions and the fifth, and often most amusing, the unlimited division. This last group of participants has been known to attempt the Cushing Classic on beach chairs, old snowmobiles without engines and even a chair lift affixed to three snowboards. Judging is based on style, grace, creativity, and of course, successfully crossing the lake. The grand prize is a 2008/2009 Squaw Valley midweek season pass, and $100 cash prize will be awarded to the winner of each class. The awards ceremony and deck party take place on the sundeck immediately following the event.

The Cushing Classic is open to the first 50 registrants. Registration takes place on the Sun Deck rotunda at noon with the competition starting at 2 pm. The cost to participate is $15 per person. All entrants MUST be 18 years of age or older and have a life preserver and a helmet, and sign a liability release form.

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