Lake Cushing Classic Rescheduled at Squaw


May 8, 2006

OLYMPIC VALLEY, CA – (News Release) – What better testimony of an epic ski season than having to postpone the Cushing Classic three times? The Lake Cushing experts convened once again this morning to determine whether or not it was feasible for Squaw’s pond skimming event to take place this Saturday. After hours of deliberation the experts have come to a consensus, and that is to move the Cushing Classic to

Saturday, May 20


For those of you who don’t know what all of the buzz is about, the Cushing Classic is Squaw Valley’s signature spring event. Pond skimming is when a man, woman, or super hero attempts to cross a pond on some form of ski or snowboard equipment. Many ski resorts have had their go at pond skimming events, but none have done it quite like Squaw Valley. Perhaps it is because the men and women at Squaw are a little more daring, a little more agile, and a little bit better on sticks. Or, maybe it’s because the Cushing Classic is held on a real pond, rather than a tarp-lined ditch or kiddie pool.

Hundreds of spectators travel from far and wide to watch local lunatics and adventurous guests attempt to cross Lake Cushing. The goal is to get enough speed down the snow ramp to make it to the opposite side of the lake without falling. This contest is notorious for its colossal crashes, hilarious costumes, and ultra-creative pond skimming contraptions. Judging is based on style, grace, creativity, and of course, successfully crossing the lake.

Registration takes place on the Sun Deck rotunda at noon with the competition starting at 2 pm. The cost to participate is $15. All entrants MUST have a life preserver and a helmet, and sign a liability release form. Participants are split into five classes: men skiers, women skiers, men snowboarders, women snowboarders, and unlimited (competitors on creative contraptions). The grand prize is an 06/07 Squaw Valley midweek season pass and $100 cash prizes will be awarded to the winner of each class. The awards ceremony and deck party take place on the sundeck immediately following the event.