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Last Chair: October 2002

Last Chair
Last Chair

The inaugural Valdez Waveboard Iceberg-style Championships
In a stunning setback to the freeskiing world, Doug Coombs (tub), Seth Morrison (transom), and David Swanwick (lunatic) have forsaken skiing-and snow, for that matter-in favor of the new, ultrahip sport of near-Arctic waveboarding. "It's really, really, really cool," chatters Morrison in a near apoplectic fit. Half surfing, half wakeboarding, and an incredible shrinkage risk, the sport is pure Alaska: "The water was so cold, I couldn't feel anything below my knees," says AK waveboarding icon Swanwick, "so I didn't feel like getting real tricky with it." Undeterred, Swany expects to execute a berg-jib with numb-roll before the ice re-forms in November.