Leap Year Shenanigans at Squaw Valley


Squaw Valley, CA Feb 25, 2004 – Leap year comes around once every four years and to celebrate the extra day this year Squaw Valley USA has teamed up with local event guru Uncle E (aka Chris Ernst of EXP Productions) to host a series of silly, yet possibly financially rewarding events during the Budweiser ‘For the Love of Leap Year Fest’, to be held this weekend February 28 —29, 2004.

Athletic endurance and skill are not needed to participate, only a sense of fun and adventure! Participants can expect “controlled chaos in the name of a day that only happens once every four years. According to event creator Uncle E, “I expect nothing short of a grand epic adventure.

Kicking off the shenanigans is the Saturday afternoon Sharpie Graffiti Party at Le Chamois in Squaw Valley’s Village Green. Starting at 4pm participants can purchase a “Playground Style Bouncy Ball for $10 and then spend some time decorating it using an array of colorful Sharpie pens. The balls will then be used on Sunday afternoon for the free flying Budweiser Ball Blitz. There will be a vote for the most creatively decorated ball and the winner walks with $100. Arrive early because only 50 balls are available.

Sunday, February 29th the fun begins at noon with the Prime Time Challenge on Squaw Valley’s Exhibition run. Participants will race against the clock on a giant slalom course (skiers, snowboarders, snowlerbladers and telemarkers are all welcome). The racer whose time comes closest to 29 seconds wins $500. An exact flat time of 29 seconds, to the tenth, earns $750. The cost is $10 for two runs or $20 for unlimited runs on the course.

Following the racing action, spectators and wrestling enthusiasts are encouraged to gather at the bottom of the Exhibition run for the Sumo Uphill at 4:15pm. In this competition, 3 pre-selected SUMO-Warriors will race uphill from the bottom. Spectators are encouraged to cheer the warriors on and can win one of many prizes. For example, cards for each of the Sumo competitors will be passed out and if you have the card of the winner, you win a prize!

Finally, at 4:30 on Leap Year day is the Budweiser Ball Blitz! In this event, the fifty wildly decorated Bud Balls from Saturday’s party will be simultaneously released from the start of the Primetime Challenge race course. The first ball through the finish wins $500.