Less Energy Produces More Snow at American Skiing Company Resorts


PARK CITY, UTAH (Sept. 30, 2005) - In less than a month, American Skiing Company resorts across the country will fire up their snowmaking systems in preparation for the 2005-06 ski and snowboard season by utilizing more than 550 low energy snowguns that consume up to 75 percent less energythan standard snowmaking equipment.

"We are making a conscious effort to increase our energy efficiency,especially our snowmaking operations, which is very energy intense," saidChip Carey, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for ASC.

While the volatile energy markets affect every consumer, American SkiingCompany resorts mitigate some of the effects by following continuedenergy-efficiency improvements and pre-purchasing a significant portion ofour energy needs, including diesel, propane and heating oil. "We continue tomonitor future energy prices and take additional steps toward conservingenergy and controlling our fuel costs, while increasing the level of serviceand snowmaking quality our guests expect at our world-class resorts," Careyadded.

Meanwhile, consumers are encouraged to save money by pre-purchasing theirseason passes at all six of ASC's eastern resorts with the All For One Pass."We are able to pass the benefits of controlling our costs onto our gueststhrough the All For One Pass," Carey said. "While the consumer price indexfor the Northeast region increased roughly seven percent from August of 2003to August of 2005, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, theseason pass cost of skiing and snowboarding at ASC's eastern resorts hasdecreased by 67 percent since the All For One Pass was introduced lastseason."

All For One Pass purchasers receive significant cost savings and addedbenefits such as retail and lodging discounts and first tracks for skiingand snowboarding at Killington, Pico Mountain and Mount Snow in Vermont,Sunday River and Sugarloaf/USA in Maine and Attitash in New Hampshire.

The popular Bronze All For One Pass is $369 and is valid seven days a weekexcluding 14 days during holiday periods. The Silver pass is $439 and validseven days a week excluding 10 holiday days, while the Gold pass for $699 isvalid everyday of the season with no black-out days. The flagship Platinumpass provides the most benefits, including weekly first tracks, and costs$899. The Super Senior Pass for $399 provides unlimited skiing everyday ofthe season for ages 65 and above. All For One Bronze and Silver passes areonly available until October 10th, after which time only the Gold andPlatinum passes will be available at increased prices.

The only resort multi-pass to include six ski areas, the All For One Passwas created in 2004 in an effort to introduce more people to the sport, lurelapsed skiers and riders back to the slopes, and to increase the visits ofexisting skiers and riders. "This program remains the best deal in easternskiing and the beauty of the pass is that it can pay for itself in as littleas six days of skiing or snowboarding," said Carey.

In total, the All For One Pass provides skiing and riding in three states ona combined 676 trails, 4296 acres, and 260 miles serviced by a total of 101lifts. Additionally, a total of nearly $10 million in capital improvementshave taken place this past summer at the Company's eastern resorts where theseason pass is available.