Line Bindings 2003


With its totally new Pivogy technology, Line introduces the most intriguing innovation in years. The Line brand of skiboards and twin tips was founded in a basement by Jason Levinthal, a snowboarder turned skiboarder. Levinthal wanted a binding that could be mounted in the middle and be cantilevered at either end so as not to disrupt the ski's flex. But most important, Pivogy technology attempts to introduce a new level of ACL protection by incorporating lateral release capability not just in the toe, but in the heel as well. The guts of the Line binding are directly under the middle of the boot, rather than at the extremities, and Line says it has 20 percent fewer moving parts than any competitor. Well-engineered and amply financed, the Line binding could become a serious player over time.

Reactor 10
AC, PLayer, AMC, AME
The Reactor felt solid and somewhat heavy in testing, but the all-metal prototype we tried will be replaced by plastic and composite components, making it considerably lighter. With its space-age profile and front snow deflector, it's extremely cool looking. Initially, at least, it may become a cult binding among younger, new-school park-and-pipe skiers. This one bears close watching.