Liquid Pain Relief

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"Joints are like old tires. With more wear and tear, the metal starts to grind," says Stewart Irving, VP of operations for Joint Juice, a new drink containing the dietary supplement glucosamine. Heralded as a cure for arthritis and joint pain, glucosamine is said to help protect joint-cushioning cartilage and replace cartilage that's been lost, explains Irving. "Glucosamine is starting to be taken by younger people as a preventative measure, not just by arthritis sufferers," he says.

Developed by the Stone Clinic in San Francisco, California, the juice may provide a longer lasting solution than popping a couple Advil. Those over-the-counter pills wear off long before the next 10 inches of new. But for those with sore knees, Joint Juice is hardly a quick fix. It requires daily quaffing and takes about four weeks to kick in.