Look Bindings 2003

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Look Bindings 2003

For many, a binding is little more than a necessary commodity. Look responds by reducing the number of choices consumers face, making the buying process simpler, more effective and, in the end, less expensive for most skiers.

The brand features one toepiece technology throughout the line and basically two heels. The Full-Drive toe, with its stiff race coupling, high elastic travel, shock absorption and constant release values (even under complex loads) is, Look says, "the most sought-after binding in high-performance moguls and new-school skiing." Competitors know they don't have to set the DIN on 14 to avoid pre-release.

Nova 10
Here's a lightweight, no-frills model featuring Look's Max Plate lifter. It's meant to be less cumbersome when mounted atop a ski without a built-in interface. The amount of lift is comfortable, and while the binding does little to enhance ski performance, it is adequate for 75 percent of the skiing population.

Nova 11 Air Plus Lifter
The 11 is more substantial than the 10, though the heel is the same. A bigger toe yields tighter coupling, and its wider anti-friction device offers better perimeter support. That improves lateral leverage, making the ski feel edgier. Recommended.

P12 Lifter
You just feel good about stepping into this heel, with its tried-and-true technologies. The short mounting zone takes much of the boot-induced flat spot out of the ski-flex mix, and the satisfying, secure coupling has no slop. The binding gives you confidence that: a) you're going to stay on the ski, and b) in a dangerous fall, you're going to come out. Highly recommended.