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Maier Recovering from Motorcycle Accident


Vienna, Austria Oct. 17, 2001 (AP)--Hermann Maier is walking without crutches after breaking his leg in an August motorcycle accident, but it is too early to say when he will ski again.

``We just can't answer that yet,'' said Knut Okresek, a spokesman for the two-time Olympic champion. ``Maier's leg is too swollen to put on a ski boot.''

Okresek said Maier is walking unassisted and two weeks ago began driving a car from his home in Flachau to his training center 20 miles away.

``He walks really slowly and tries to walk properly,'' the spokesman said. ``But you can see there's still a severe injury.''

Maier broke his right leg when his motorcycle struck a car near Radstadt, outside Salzburg.

Doctors are pleased with Maier's recovery but the skiing great is frustrated, Okresek said.

``For him, everything is too slow at this point,'' he said. ``But his next goal is to go hiking.''

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