Maier Recovering from Motorcycle Accident


Vienna, Austria Oct. 17, 2001 (AP)–Hermann Maier is walking without crutches after breaking his leg in an August motorcycle accident, but it is too early to say when he will ski again.

“We just can’t answer that yet,” said Knut Okresek, a spokesman for the two-time Olympic champion. “Maier’s leg is too swollen to put on a ski boot.”

Okresek said Maier is walking unassisted and two weeks ago began driving a car from his home in Flachau to his training center 20 miles away.

“He walks really slowly and tries to walk properly,” the spokesman said. “But you can see there’s still a severe injury.”

Maier broke his right leg when his motorcycle struck a car near Radstadt, outside Salzburg.

Doctors are pleased with Maier’s recovery but the skiing great is frustrated, Okresek said.

“For him, everything is too slow at this point,” he said. “But his next goal is to go hiking.”

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