Maier Wins No. 39 in Kvitfjell


Kvitfjell, Norway, Mar. 5, 2001--A day after winning the third World Cup overall title of his career, and two daysafter winning his 38th World Cup race, Austrian Hermann Maier won his 39th race Sunday, taking a super Gby .06 over teammate Hannes Trinkl on the 1994 Olympic run.

In 10-degree weather, Maier, whose first win came in February 1997, made it 39 wins in 48 months as hefinished in 1:28.58. He also won the super G title with his 11th triumph of the winter, one more than a yearago when he won his second World Cup overall crown.

Trinkl was second with a time of 1:28.64 and Stephan Eberharter made it 1-2-3 for Austria. Eberharter, whowon Saturday's downhill race, finished in 1:29.42.

Casey Puckett (Aspen, CO) was the only U.S. skier to finish. He came in 34th (1:31.93). Daron Rahlves(Sugar Bowl, CA), who won two downhills in Kvitfjell a year and was fifth in super G, skied out midway downthe course while Chris Puckett (Boulder, CO) and Chad Fleischer (Vail, CO) were DNFs at the bottom of thecourse.

"Daron was doing okay - he was ninth on the top flat - but he hooked an arm, spun around he was out," saidCoach Dale Stephens. "Chris and Chad went out at about the same place at the bottom...

Conditions varied from icy at the bottom, Stephens said, to grippy in other sections. Skies went from partlysunny to partly cloudy.

Kvitfjell, NOR - March 4

Men's Super G
1. Hermann Maier, Austria, 1:28.58
2. Hannes Trinkl, Austria, 1:28.64
3. Stephan Eberharter, Austria, 1:29.42
4. Didier Defago, Switzerland, 1:29.83
5. Werner Franz, Austria, 1:29.96 34. Casey Puckett, Aspen, CO, 1:31.93

DNF: Daron Rahlves, Sugar Bowl, CA; Chris Puckett, Boulder,CO; Chad Fleischer, Vail, CO

Cafe de Colombia World Cup (4 races remaining)

1. Maier - 1,418 points
2. Eberharter, 795
3. Lasse Kjus, Norway, 771
4. Benjamin Raich, Austria, 705
5. Heinz Schilchegger, Austria, 701 17. Erik Schlopy, Park City, UT, 354
27. Rahlves, 255
37. Bode Miller, Franconia, NH, 185
49. Fleischer, 123
61. Casey Puckett, 85
119. Chris Puckett, 14
125. Thomas Vonn, Newburgh, NY, 12
127. (tie) Sacha Gros, Vail, CO, and Dane Spencer, Boise, ID, 11 each
134. Jake Fiala, Frisco, CO, 5
139. Brett Fischer, 2

Super G (6 races)
1. Maier, 420
2. Christoph Gruber, Austria, 246
3. Josef Strobl, Austria, 228
4. Eberharter, 208
5. Franz, 182

17. Rahlves, 70