Mammoth Sports School

Turning Points

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Mammoth Sports School

Mammoth Mountain, Calif.

WHY IT’S GREAT When Dave McCoy wandered into the Sierra on his motorcycle, he found what he considered the best ski mountain he’d ever seen. McCoy stayed and soon built the area’s first rope-tow, thereby founding Mammoth. But McCoy is first and foremost a dedicated skier and coach, and Mammoth has produced some of America’s best skiers and racers, including members of the McCoy family. Now in his eighties, Dave still oversees all operations and watches ski school and race department activities with special interest. Managers, coaches and instructors at Mammoth, including ski school director John Armstrong, are or have been high-profile figures in PSIA and the U.S. Ski Team. The ski school offers nothing but state-of-the-art teaching and may boast the finest children’s program in the nation. What’s more, Mammoth Mountain itself contends seriously for the title of “best ski mountain in the U.S.”

SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY The Mammoth ski school’s mission statement reads in part, “Help Mammoth guests to discover techniques that make skiing an effortless expression of flight, guiding friends to magical trails and sensations on the mountain, coaching the inner athlete as well as inviting the mountain person to emerge and flourish.”

DISTINGUISHING QUALITIES Integration of an internationally recognized race department within the ski school provides a seamless transition from lessons to coaching services using gates and video analysis. Mammoth’s Unbound Terrain Park crew constructs special terrain features for instructors and coaches to use as

LEARNING TOOLS and for guests to enjoy for the sheer fun of it.

LEADER John Armstrong, Director

WHAT’S TAUGHT American Teaching System (ATS) and U.S. Ski Coaches Association (USSCA) methodology

A GOOD DEAL The two-day Super Starter beginner package utilizes special beginner lifts and learning centers. New skiers experience extraordinary care as they enter a strange and exciting mountain world. Includes photos, gifts, specially designed rentals and even a graduation ceremony. Available any two consecutive days, all season long. Cost: $137.