Marmot Driclime Windshirt

marmot windshirt

One sure way to discover that a piece of gear has become beloved is to have it stolen and then measure your heartache. When my blue Driclime Windshirt, which I'd owned since 1993, was snaked in a lodge last year, I felt like I'd lost a childhood buddy.

A clever combination of soft microfleece and a highly breathable outer shell, the Windshirt works as a warm, wicky first layer; as lightweight insulation; and as a wind shell. The Driclime's ability to transport moisture to the quick-drying outer layer always kept me dry-even while I was skinning up sunny backcountry slopes.

Luckily, Marmot is a company that makes something great and then leaves it alone. Soon after the theft, I was in a shiny new (red this time) Windshirt. It's been spiffily updated with mesh pit vents; otherwise, it's familiar as an old friend.

$115; 707-544-4590,