Meet the Challenge: Gates


What Holds You Back

Having gates dictate when you turn, rather than being able to choose the most comfortable line.

The Challenge

To let unconscious technique take over, to find speed where it appears invisible, to train your eyes and mind to be two gates ahead.

Meeting the Challenge

Recognize a ski that's highly edged as an accelerator rather than a brake. Understand that in racing, the fastest route between two points is rarely a straight line, and that deviating from a perfect arc and skidding squander precious microseconds.

Work With the Terrain

Memorize the contour of the hill, as well as the course. Ski smart in steep sections. Generate speed where it is flat by pushing off your edge onto a flat, gliding ski. Carry speed through the transitions between the two.


Olympic medalists Steve and Phil Mahre kick off their 15th year at the Mahre Training Center in Keystone, Colo.; call (800) 255-3715.

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