Men's Superpipe: Big Red Makes It A Sweep

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ASPEN, Colo.-In an interview with

ESPN The Magazine

prior to the X Games, snowboard phenom Shaun White complained about not having a cool nickname. How about ‘Golden Child’? The 19-year-old redhead took first in the big ditch on Monday night, boosting some 22 feet out of the pipe on his first hit and posting a score of 91.00. Mason Aguirre, who led after Sunday night’s qualifiers, finished second. Both will compete in the 2006 Torino Games this month, and, according to White, there’s plenty more to see: “I didn’t really show everything I had tonight,” he said afterwards. “You never want to show them everything.”

1. Shaun White (USA)
2. Mason Aguirre (USA)
3. Scotty Lago (USA)
4. Risto Mattila (FIN)
5. Louie Vito (USA)
6. Antti Autti (FIN)
7. J.J. Thomas (USA)
8. Mike Goldschmidt (USA)
9. Luke Wynen (USA)
10. Danny Kass (USA)