Mica Heliskiing uses new Avalanche Equipment

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 addthis_pub  = 'doug.sabanosh@bonniercorp.com';   Pricing for'07-'08 was as follows: * One-Day Program* ($925 fri-sun, $875 mon-thurs) 6 runs or 12,000 vertical feet guaranteed (whichever the guest favors).  Extra runs at $90.00 each

Pricing for'07-'08 was as follows:
* One-Day Program* ($925 fri-sun, $875 mon-thurs)
6 runs or 12,000 vertical feet guaranteed (whichever the guest favors). Extra runs at $90.00 each

Revelstoke, BC, Canada

– Mica Heliskiing completed a full season (December 2007 to April 2008) using the new ABS Freeride Airbag and the new Barryvox 'Pulse' Avalanche Transceiver.

At Mica Heliskiing, a safe and enjoyable experience is our No. 1 priority. Our professionally trained and certified guides make every effort to reduce the risks associated with back country skiing. The new ABS Airbags and Barryvox Digital Transceivers are state of the art avalanche safety equipment and have added another level of safety at Mica Heliskiing.

ABS Packs:

Each of our guests is now provided with an ABS backpack to wear during the ski day. The ABS Freeride is a lightweight dual balloon pack with room inside for an avalanche probe and shovel. In the event of an avalanche, the ABS pack helps a person stay on the surface of a moving avalanche, thereby dramatically decreasing the likelihood of becoming buried.

Barryvox 'Pulse' Avalanche Transceivers:

Mica Heliskiing upgraded to a fleet of the new Barryvox 'Pulse' Avalanche Transceivers for our guests to use while skiing last season. The Barryvox 'Pulse' is at the leading edge of avalanche transceiver technology. Our guests were extremely pleased with these new units, which are without question, one of the fastest and easiest transceivers on the market to use!

Mica Heliskiing Safety Program:

Mica Heliskiing minimizes the risks associated with backcountry skiing in several different ways. On the first morning of your stay, each guest is required to take part in a formal Helicopter Safety Briefing and a Backcountry Safety School. These sessions include the use of standard avalanche safety equipment, including ABS Packs and avalanche transceivers. All groups are lead by professionally trained and certified guides. Each of our guides meets or exceeds the requirements of 'a guide' as set by the Helicat Canada guidelines and have been trained and certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and/or are members of the International Federation of Mountain Guides. Throughout the day your guide will work to choose terrain deemed appropriate for the current mountain conditions and the ability level of your group.

Mica Heli is a member of HeliCat Canada. HeliCat sets strict safety standards for operating a Helicopter and/or SnowCat Skiing area and as part of our membership we are required to have our safety systems and procedures reviewed on a regular basis. Mica Heliskiing is also a member of the Canadian Avalanche Association and subscribes to the Canadian Avalanche Association's INFOEX. The 'INFOEX' is a daily information exchange between professional avalanche industry stakeholders and allows us to compare our mountain conditions and observations with those of our neighbors.

If you would like to learn more about our safety procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with further detail.

Mica Heli Skiing near Revelstoke, B.C. is one of three operations in The Island Lake Resort Group; the others being Powder Cowboy Catskiing and Island Lake Lodge near Fernie B.C., For more information contact Darryn Shewchuk at 1.877.837.6191 x2002.