More Expansion for Mt. Hood Meadows


Mt. Hood, OR August 30--Mt. Hood Meadows is undergoing the biggest upgrade in their 32-year history. They are renovating the South Lodge, the original Mt. Hood Meadows base lodge, both inside and outside for this coming ski season.

The newly renovated lodge will be home to a new day care center, a new ski and snowboard rental facility, a new demo and repair center, and remodeled restaurants, sport shop, and concierge. A new 16,000 square-foot sun deck will top off the project.

"The building is 33-years old and needed to be modernized," said Vice President and General Manager, Dave Riley. "It's exciting because not only are we making it bigger and adding services, but we are adding a fully licensed day care center."

The new 62,000 square foot base lodge is almost twice the size of the old one and is expected to operate when the resort hopes to open on November 19, but will not be finished completely until mid-December.

For the past six years, Mt. Hood Meadows has undergone several major improvements that lead to their most successful year ever for skier visits. Plans for future renovations and expansions are not definite at this time.

"We're taking it one step at a time," said Marketing Director, Dave Tragethon. "We have to see how each ski season goes before we make any decisions on our future plans."

Future plans for the resort include chairlift realignment, building upgrades, new parking facilities, and the addition of new glady trails.