Moseley, Back On Track


Tiburon, CA, Nov. 21, 2000--With the whisper of the Salt Lake Games getting louder, athletes across the nation will spend this winter jockeying for position. California's Jonny Moseley heads the short list for freestyle skiing competitors.

Despite taking a two-year break from the World Cup circuit, Moseley hasn't been resting on his Olympic laurels. The likable 25 year-old has stayed competitive in pro skiercross and extreme contests. Fun has been his theme, but this mogul gold medallist from Nagano wants another chance in 2002.

Moseley says, "I love skiing--filming in powder, skiercross, the X-Games, jumping, everything. But more than that is competing at all of those. I'm looking forward to getting back in the starting gate this year."

He continues, "Of course, I think you should be able to automatically defend your medal. Even if you're old and fat with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, and your gut over your belt, you should be able to waddle up to the start and have a go for old time's sake."

Unfortunately, that's not the way it works. As of last May, Moseley joined his U.S. Ski Team compadres for summer training sessions. "This year I am officially back on the team and launching an Olympic campaign. Honestly, Salt Lake won't be the same...with Nagano it was like Hollywood wrote my Olympics. For 2002 I won't be the guy who came out of no where, but I think I can create the same level of excitement. With some new tricks I've been working on the past couple years, maybe I can create new magic."