Moseley Wins Invitational


Squaw Valley USA, CA, Dec. 20--In its second year, the Chevy Truck Jonny MoseleyInvitational crowned its creator and host 1998 Olympic Gold Medallist Jonny Moseley with the first place purse of $20,000. Following closely behind him were Evan Raps and Shane McConkey, both of Squaw Valley, California. The defending champion, Evan Dybvig of Turnbridge, VT placed fourth.

The sixteen participants, determined by Jonny and a Freeze magazine readers' poll, were narrowed down to four semi-finalists. Moseley went up against Dybvig in head-to-head competition as McConkey and Raps battled it out. After 3 rounds of jumps, Evan Raps misty flip and Moseley's dinner-720 were good enough to get them into the finals where Jonny threw up a crowd-pleasing dinner roll 900 to clinch the title. This mornings competition consisted of a skier cross race in which McConkey won, and the Big Air competition this afternoon.

Moseley, who placed second in last-year s inaugural event smiled from atop the winners platform. So far this is the best event ever staged, said champion Moseley. It worked out better than I could have hoped and I hope it stays at Squaw forever. If the event keeps going like it has been, I will be as psyched as I am right now!

A crowd of about 7,000 turned out to Squaw Valley's base and their new Olympic sundeck to watch the skiers fly through the gates of the SkierCross and then throw up the tricks they had been dreaming about all summer in the Big Air competition.

The two-day competition will be nationally televised as a one-hour special on NBC (Saturday, January 22rd 3pm EST - check your local listings). The second annual Chevy Truck Jonny Moseley Invitational is staged and produced by TWI, the television division of Mark McCormack s IMG.

Official Results

The Chevy Truck Jonny Moseley Invitational
Squaw Valley USA
December 18-19, 1999

1 Jonny Moseley $20,000
2 Evan Raps $1,250
3 Shane McConkey $1,000
4 Evan Dybvig $750
5 Shane Szocs $200
6 Curtis Tischler $200
7 Skogan Sprang $200
8 Mike Douglas $200
9 Kent Krietler $200
10 Vinny Dorion $200
11 Shannon Schad $200
12 JF Cusson $200
13 Seth Morrison $200
14 Shane Anderson $200
15 CR Johnson $1
--- JT Holmes DNF

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