Mountain Melodrama

Fall Line

It’s not quite Baywatch

on snow, but it’s a start. This fall, The WB network (which, it should be noted, is a corporate cousin of ours) will roll out The Mountain, a family drama set against the slopes of “Boundary Mountain.” The basic plotline: David Carver Sr., a rough-and-ready type who won the ski resort in a poker game, dies and leaves Boundary to his ne’er-do-well grandson-rather than to the grandson who had been running the place. This turn of events occasions much meaningful middle-distance gazing on the part of the other family members, who include Carver Sr.’s daughter, a philanthropist, and his granddaughter, an aspiring snowboard champ. Adding to the drama is a family of rival resort owners intent on buying Boundary. As the press kit boasts, it’s the kind of show in which characters harbor “long-buried secrets” that “come back to haunt them all.” Skiers who don’t necessarily enjoy that sort of thing will still get a kick out of Hollywood’s take on life at a major ski resort and will surely enjoy the pilot episode’s scenic backdrop (it was filmed at Alberta’s Lake Louise). One beef: The first episode only depicts snowboarding, for goodness sake. And as we all know, the best-looking folks are always on two skis.