Mountains for Melanoma

Mountains for Melanoma


On March 16, 2008, Ken White and his ten-year-old daughter Victoria of Elizabeth, Colorado will realize their dream of skiing all seven continents to raise money to combat the skin-cancer disease, Melanoma. The fundraiser has one very special sidebar–

Victoria will be the youngest person to ski the seven continents in a record-breaking consecutive twelve-months time


Victoria began the world-wide trek when she was nine-years-old and is completing the task at ten, smashing the current world record.

A trip that began in March 2007 has included skiing mountains big and small in Zermatt, Switzerland (Europe); Falls Creek (Australia); Marrakech Morocco (Africa); Portillo, Chile (South America); Halfmoon Island (Antarctica); Beijing Huaibei (Asia); and will end at Winter Park, Colorado (North America) where Victoria learned to ski.

Ken White grew up in Danvers, Massachusetts and now lives in Colorado with his wife Cindi and daughter Victoria. In 2003 he was diagnosed with Stage III melanoma, and was successfully treated but suffered a relapse in 2006. At that time, Ken received bio-chemotherapy treatments, which he credits with saving his life. The treatments were recommended by his doctors at the University of Colorado Hospital. All proceeds for the Whites fund raising efforts will benefit that hospital.

For more information go to mountainsformelanoma.com,
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