Muscle It Up

Be Strong

Aleisha Cline can race downhill for 24 hours and wake up “tired, but not sore the next morning. She can ski towed behind a snowmobile at 90 miles an hour. And she literally elbows out the competition in full-body-contact skiercross. Do we have to say it? The girl whups ass.

Last month’s issue kicked off our 12-week pre-season workouts with a cardio-intensive program. This month, we’ve teamed Cline with Laura Keller, our expert at the Stone Clinic in San Francisco, to create four weeks of strength training—but with Cline’s own spin. Forget conventional snoozers like bench presses and squats. Cline will have you pumping biceps curls while kneeling on a ball, frog-hopping onto a picnic table, and building strength and flexibility through power yoga.

Keller says Cline’s unconventional workouts are the best way to train for snow sports. “With skiing, you’re constantly moving on a slippery surface and trying to keep upright, she explains. “When you throw a balance component into strength training, you’re mimicking skiing.

Cline’s approach is purposeful—and fanatical. “When I get into something, I go 187 percent, she says. Her ski season routine involves two to three workouts a day: An hour of spinning, telemark skiing from first to last chair, and a two-hour strength session to cap it off.

Cline may be over the top. But Keller agrees that you have to work hard to get results. “When you’re strong, you decrease your chances of injury, she says. “Plus, you can explore the whole mountain, ski harder and faster, and not be wiped at the end of the day.

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