My girlfriend wants me to buy her moon boots. Should I?

Ask Dr. Flake

Yes, because no one man has the power to resist the surging cultural typhoon of the moon boot, which recently appeared in the vicinity of (oh my God) Katie Couric on the Today Show. Actually, we should capitalize the Moon Boot, a copyright of Tecnica, because they, like the Kleenex family, are very serious about their name being co-opted by competitors. Anyway, Tecnica sells more of the cushy, calf-topped com-fort shoe in Europe than it does ski boots. Trendy and functional, moon boots (generic, not Tecnica) are lauded for their extreme warmth; according to one website, after-ski stompers remain warm at minus 30 degrees. Which means they actually could work on the moon, where the mean surface temperature is minus 9. But your girlfriend should only wear them in the yard.