Narrow Escape


If you happen to misbehave next time you're enjoying the Taos après-ski scene and find yourself awakening in jail, have no fear. Barring excessive corpulence, you can get out of the Taos County Jail scott free; just follow the example of inmate Leroy Fresquez.

In August, Fresquez, a 140-pound, five-foot-seven-inch man who was behind bars for allegedly assaulting an Arby's manager, slipped past the long arm of the law by squeezing himself through his cell's six-and-a-quarter-by-17-inch food-tray slot and running out the jail's open front door.

"I didn't see him, but other inmates said he slipped through the slot," says Sargent Fred Archuleta, Taos's acting jail director. "I remember seeing another guy do it once, too."

Archuleta says that Fresquez¿who was recaptured by a dog in Albuquerque¿didn't appear to have hurt himself during his contortionist escape performance: "This guy could still run pretty fast!"