New boutique ski debuts from France


CHAMONIX, Mar. 8, 2003 (press release) - Royal-Chamonix Skis, produced by French entrepreneur and ski industry veteran Bertrand Roy, will debut in the US market this winter.

Roy, who owns and directs Skis Lacroix France, has especially tailored these skis to the US market. "We are the only ski company dedicated to producing only the highest quality ski for the discriminating individual," Roy said.

In 2002, Bertrand Roy was asked to produce a series of skis for the Chanel company in France, based on his Lacroix design.

The company philosophy is to use its "savoir-faire" combined with the finest modern technology to produce lightweight, high-performing and comfortable skis that enhance the pleasure of skiing. Only the highest quality materials are used with a unique design geared to offering smooth and precise performance in a responsive and adaptable package. The skis are hand-made according to Roy's exacting specifications, as is also the case for his Lacroix brand that is sold in Europe and Japan.

Roy's skis have won a loyal following among skiing aficionados in these countries, and will now be available in the USA, under the Royal Chamonix brand, for those who seek the highest level of equipment available.

Two Royal-Chamonix models are offered: Signature and Pearl. The side cuts are: 104/66/89 for the titanium-wood core Signature, and 110/68/98 for the softer-flexing, fiberglass-carbon and wood-core Pearl. The latter are targeted for women and lighter skiers.

The skis are assembled by hand, piece by piece, using the finest materials - carbon, titanium, ash and poplar wood, kevlar, and P-Tex Electra for the bases. The unique Variable Inertia Core„¢, with a higher proportion of lighter wood at the tip and tail and denser wood in the center of the ski, allows for minimal weight and maximum stability. Royal-Chamonix skis combine a supple flex with high torsional rigidity to enhance the ski's precision and versatility.

Demo skis will be available this winter and orders taken for delivery for the 2004 season. For further information, please contact Russell Herman, (908) 771-9082 or