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New Branding Strategy For Kirkwood


KIRKWOOD, CA - (News Release - Oct. 31, 2007) — Most marketing experts agree that in order to have a solid compelling brand, you better stake a position, be able to own it and then consistently deliver on it. When it came to creating Kirkwood Mountain Resort's new branding strategy, that position was easily identified as "Rare Earth.

"Rare Earth defines Kirkwood. Or is it Kirkwood that defines "Rare Earth? Kirkwood's location and geography have characterized its nature and soul during its past 35 seasons. Located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, Kirkwood is directly in line of powerful storms that roll in from the Pacific Ocean. Its remote box canyon setting has rolling-meadows, spectacular cliffs and 360-degree mountain views with an annual snowfall of 683 inches over the past 4 years, more than any other U.S. resort.

That position is behind Kirkwood's new branding strategy — Rare Earth — being rolled out this season in all marketing communication efforts. "From nature's standpoint, it's rare to find a resort that consistently receives as much snow as Kirkwood, said Allon Cohne, resort marketing director. "The setting alone made the resort geographically superior when it opened in 1972 and its location promotes feelings of intimacy and privacy for rugged individualists and mountain purists, also not common in the ski industry, he continued.

Kirkwood's varied terrain is also unique among ski resorts. Its Cirque is considered one of the most difficult areas in the world to conquer and has been home to the North American Free Skiing/Riding Championships for over 10 years. Kirkwood's Timber Creek area has been nationally recognized by USA Today as one of the nation's top beginner areas with its natural terrain fall-line. With Kirkwood's base elevation at 7,800 feet, excellent conditions are a given in the resort's numerous chutes, steeps, gullies, cliffs and bowls. For information, call 209.258.6000 or visit