Newschoolers Crashes at Windells

The athletes got their first taste of bad weather on day one at Mt. Ruhapeu. Whiteout conditions, wind, and snow had closed the mountain. Luckily, the operators spun the lifts just long enough to allow the Surf to Summit team to make a few runs.

The summer season is just beginning at Windells.  Mt. Hood has been hit with a shattering record of 826 inches of snow this winter, and with most resorts closing up shop around the United States, springtime is in full bloom for everyone at Windells. sent 30 plus rippers to invade Mt. Hood and Windells on April 22-27 for the West Coast Session.  We were able to capture a few shots of our coaches at the event. Tom Wallisch stomped some steezy rodeos and laid down the law on every rail that Skibowl, Meadows and Timberline have to offer.  He then proceeded back to Windells for some of the most epic trampoline sessions known to man.

Witt Foster and Austin Stevens, a few other lucky individuals, were granted access to Skibowl via the Saga snowmobile.  Witt pulled out a massive 360 off of a 30 ft. cliff and stomped it like it was no big deal. 

Overall, the West Coast Session was a huge hit, and we can't wait to have Newschoolers back again next year.

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