Next Seasons Skis, The Best Crop in Years


Boulder, CO, May 5–If you’re looking to buy new skis next year, I’ve some good news for you. At SKI Magazine’s ski test in Beaver Creek, CO this year, ski testers reported high marks for next season’s skis.

“This is the best group of skis we’ve had at the test in six or seven seasons,” commented SKI Magazine editor-in-chief, Andy Bigford. “I think we’ll have a lot more gold medal winners this year than we’ve had in the past.”

Testing the skis in conditions ranging from well-manicured, hard-packed groomers to springtime corn, the testers put the skis in any and every type of snow conditions. Conclusively, they found more high performance skis than in previous year’s testing groups.

“There are a lot less dogs this year,” explained Nelson Carmichael, who tested mostly freeride and all-mountain expert skis. “In the past, we’ve thrown out some skis because they were so bad. We’re really not supposed to, but if four or five people agree that they’re awful, we get rid of them. This year, however, there are no real dogs, all the skis seem to be holding their own.”

Over the past few seasons, ski technology has advanced at an alarming rate. Since the development of shape skis in the early 1990’s, ski manufacturers have been experimenting with length, shape, and stiffness, making for an array of different models. These days, the ski turnover rate is comparable to computers.

“It’s amazing to see how rapidly skis have changed over the past few years. Everything we thought we knew about shape, length, and lift a couple of years ago has changed,” said Stu Campbell. “The equipment in the last few years has allowed us to do things that we’ve never done before. While the equipment evolves, it invites skiing to evolve with it.”

The ski test results will be released in the SKI Magazine Buyer’s Guide 2001 due out this September. Pick up a copy and see what the experts say about next year’s fleet of bomber skis.