Not Just for Bad Breath

The Pulse 1103

If you're going on a high-altitude ski vacation, you may want to sniff some peppermint on the lift. Tests conducted at West Virginia's Wheeling Jesuit University showed that breathing pure peppermint increases the body's blood-oxygen level.

Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, the psychophysiologist who conducted the study, said that "it resulted in an increase in nasal and lung dilation, allowing more blood and oxygen to get into the lungs and eventually get the blood out to the muscles for increased strength. Translation: longer runs, less stopping, easier turns.

With the notion that sports organizations will have no problem approving it for precompetition use, HealthCare International developed the patent on a pure peppermint inhaler in 2002 (available at Grab an inhaler, take a quick puff, and see how many more tram laps you can survive.