Not Your Parents' Apres-Ski Clothes

après-ski clothes.5

It happens to even the coolest among us: You saunter into a crowded, divey bar in Ski Town U.S.A., ready to kick back with the locals, have a couple drinks, and maybe get the dope on some secret powder stashes. But you feel the accusing stares the minute you enter, and you know: Your big sheepskin Jeremiah Johnson coat and cowboy hat (what the guy was wearing in the resort's brochure) are just all wrong. You ooze tourist. You've got cooties.

Okay, so the shearling is a dead giveaway. So, by the way, is any après-ski attire featuring fur, sparkles, reindeer motifs, Day-Glo, or designer logos. You probably don't want to wear the shredded flannel of a ski bum, so what do you wear when you're off the slopes? The answer: cozy, comfortable clothes made from many of the same technical fabrics as your skiwear, only casually designed for hanging out. These duds look mellow and cool in the bar, fit in at the latte shop, and keep you toasty on winter hikes and snowshoe outings. They can even handle the slopes on drier days or as layering pieces. Who knows? They might even earn you a friendly, admiring nod from a local.

Check out the slideshow in the related links (above right) for models sporting these next-generation kickin'-it duds.

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