Olympic Cauldron Rises


Salt Lake City, Utah Jan. 9, 2002 (AP)--The twisting glass and steel tower that will cradle the Olympic flame during the Winter Games rose above Salt Lake City Tuesday, one month before the opening ceremony.

The Olympic cauldron cost $2 million.

``It's a very different caldron relative to those that have been constructed in the past. It is made of glass. The flame is not going to be hidden,'' said Mitt Romney, president of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. ``It is a beautiful piece of art.''

The twisting base contains 738 pieces of triangle-shaped glass. It is visible throughout the city from it's perch at Rice-Eccles Stadium on the University of Utah campus.

Water will cascade down the glass sides, and the flame will emerge through shimmering water into the 12-foot cauldron.

Who will light the cauldron remains a well-guarded secret.

The cauldron-lighting will be a simple, elegant and emotional event, said Don Mischer, producer for the ceremony

Once lit, the flame will burn in the cauldron until it is extinguished during the Feb. 24 closing ceremonies.

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