Olympic Committees Sue Cybersquatters


Salt Lake City, UT, July 13, 2000--The Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 winter games (SLOC) announced today it has joined with the International Olympic Committee and the United States Olympic Committee in suing cybersquatters who have registered more than 1,800 Internet domain names that infringe on the Olympic trademark.

The suit, filed in U.S. Federal Court, goes after individuals who reside outside the U.S. and registered domain names using the words Olympic or Olympiad, foreign equivalents or simulations.

"Cybersquatters who create false association with Olympic marks infringe on the rights of others," said Mitt Romney, SLOC president and CEO. "SLOC is protecting the interests of the athletes and our sponsors as well as the Olympic brand."

The lawsuit looks to either revoke domain names or transfer them to the three claimants. And, according to the charges, the unauthorized sites are associated with activity ranging from claiming to sell Olympic Games tickets to providing pornographic services.