Olympic Tickets Could Cost Hundreds


Herber City, UT August 20 (AP)--Tickets for the 2002 Winter Olympics will start at about $25 to $30 and run upward to a couple of hundred dollars, the president of the games said.

Salt Lake Organizing Committee president Mitt Romney told about 70 Heber City residents Thursday that they might be able to watch biathlon or cross-country skiing events at nearby Soldier Hollow for as little as $30.

On the other hand, he said, expect to pay ``$400 to $500 for women's gold-medal figure skating.''

SLOC spokeswoman Caroline Shaw said ticket policies should be adopted by the end of this year. Tickets go on sale in fall 2000.

About 1.4 million tickets will be sold, and Shaw said more than half of the tickets will go for $50 or less.

Though Romney insisted that most tickets will cost between $40 and $80, prices could be driven up by scalping, which is legal in Utah.

The most expensive tickets will probably be for the opening ceremony. Romney wouldn't guess a price, but said tickets to the opening gala for the 2000 Summer Games in Australia are selling for close to $1,000.

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