Olympic Torch Bearers to Be Named in Utah


Salt Lake City, Utah Sept. 25, 2001 (AP)--Olympic organizers moved the announcement of torch bearers for the 2002 Winter Games from New York to Salt Lake City in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

The event was originally planned for Sept. 12 at Battery Park, near the World Trade Center in New York. But that changed immediately following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Salt Lake Organizing Committee officials said Monday they have rescheduled the announcement for Oct. 4 in Salt Lake City, on the steps of the Utah Capitol.

``We know Mayor Giuliani has asked people to come to New York, but our plan called for an event at Battery Park, which is pretty much right at ground zero of the terrorist attacks,'' SLOC media director Caroline Shaw said.

``We wanted to use the image of Lady Liberty holding the flame as an inspiration to the entire nation. We'll possibly do something later, during the torch relay, that ties in with the Statue of Liberty and the national tragedy.''

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