One Dead in British Columbia Avalanche


Revelstoke, British Columbia Dec. 8 (AP)--An avalanche in a popular back-country skiing area of Glacier National Park killed one skier and injured four.

The slide occurred Tuesday on the west shoulder of Mount MacDonald, park officials said.

``There were nearly 30 skiers out on the mountain, so it's fortunate that more people were not hurt,'' said Pat Dunn of Parks Canada.

The five skiers were found within half an hour, Dunn said. Survivors were lifted out by helicopter.

Park warden Eric Dafoe said the snow came rushing down several gullies after a warm morning.

``We have sort of predicted something like this would happen,'' Dafoe said. ``There has been a huge increase of people skiing and snowboarding here in recent years. They are going into steeper terrain and more remote locations.''

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